Monday, April 21, 2014

The Reasons for Family Worship

At the beginning of April, I attended the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville. The emphasis of the conference was on personal evangelism. At the beginning of the conference an informal survey was conducted to find out what means of evangelism God used to save those in attendance. Everyone was asked to stand and then sit after the speaker listed the way they became a Christian. Contact evangelism, open-air preaching, personal Bible reading, and revival meetings were all announced, but very few people sat down after hearing these methods. However, when the speaker asked who was saved by the witness of their family an overwhelming majority of the people responded.

Honestly, this was very surprising to me and it was in that moment that God reminded me of the tremendous amount of spiritual influence I have on my household. He also reminded me of the vital importance of family worship. Neglecting to lead my family in the daily worship of God can have detrimental consequences for their spiritual and eternal well-being. 

Over the next three weeks I will briefly answer the following three questions regarding family worship:
  1. Why should we lead our families in the daily worship of God?
  2. What should we do when we gather together for family worship? 
  3. What are some practical considerations for implementing family worship in our homes?
In this post, I will answer the first question. So below are three reasons why we should practice family worship:

Family worship gives God glory. 
There are many reasons why we should lead our families in worshiping God, but the most important reason is because God is worthy of worship. In light of his goodness and his graciousness towards us, the triune God deserves our adoration, honor, and praise.

Additionally, worship is the end for which humanity was created. Many catechisms correctly identify that the transcendent purpose of every human being is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. One of the most practical ways we can do this is through family worship. Ascribing to God the glory due his name is the primary motivation for daily family worship.

Family worship is a scriptural obligation. 
It is not difficult to see that the Scriptures advocate family worship. The Bible records several examples of fathers who led their families in worship: Abraham, Joshua, and Job (see Genesis 18:19; Joshua 24:15; Job 1:5). Even in the New Testament Timothy was raised in a home where the Scriptures were taught from his early childhood (2 Timothy 1:5; 3:14-15).

Furthermore, there are scriptural commands that necessitate teaching our families about God and his commands (see Exodus 10:2; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 11:19; Psalm 78:1-8; Isaiah 38:19; Ephesians 6:4). Family worship is an appropriate and practical context to ensure these commands are obeyed.

Additionally, since Christians are called to participate in both private and corporate worship, then it seems appropriate and reasonable that they are also called to participate in family worship.

Family worship leads to the family’s well-being. 
Family worship is a God-ordained means of grace that will greatly benefit the members of our household. It provides a daily context to instruct others about God and his Word, confess our sins, recall the cross of Christ, reconcile familial relationships, ask spiritual questions, request God’s blessing and provision, encourage personal holiness, as well as communicate the worth of God. If we wish to see our family members prosper spiritually then we will lead them in family worship.

In my next post, I will answer the second question: What should we do when we gather together for family worship?

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