Monday, October 28, 2013

Eleven Ways We Can Be Missional

Charles Spurgeon once stated that, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” I think he makes a good point. A person who is not consistently and intentionally sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is living in direct opposition to God and his commands.

The purpose of this article, however, is not to convince you of the biblical mandate to share the gospel. Instead, I want present you with eleven practical ways we can strategically share the gospel with others.

1) Attend the six week Evangelism Class during Sunday School starting November 3rd. I am convinced that we all know we need to share the gospel. Our biggest problem is that we aren’t quite sure how to share the gospel. This class will you equip, encourage, and empower you to do this effectively. If you have not shared the gospel in the last three months you need to attend this class!

2) Look and pray for opportunities to share the gospel. I continually ask God to help me to “see and seize gospel opportunities.”

3) Ask God to reveal three different people in your sphere of influence who need the gospel. They can be a friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc. Begin praying for them regularly. Ask other church members to pray for them regularly as well. Ask God to open doors so you can start gospel conversations with them. Don’t give up! Sometimes it takes years for people to respond to the gospel!

4) Turn your extracurricular activities into gospel opportunities. View every activity that you and your family participate in as a way to engage unbelievers with the gospel.

5) In a natural and friendly way, tell others that you are a Christian. Often times this will create opportunities to have gospel conversations.

6) Ask those in your sphere of influence to tell you about their spiritual beliefs. Be sure to genuinely listen to them!

7) Offer to purchase and read a good Christian book with them (talk to your pastor about what constitutes a “good” Christian book).  Offer to read a book of the Bible individually and then discuss what you read together.

8) When people ask you “What did you do this past weekend?” respond with, “I attended my home church and heard a sermon on _______.” This could lead to a fruitful gospel conversation. 

9) Look for ways to bless and serve unbelievers with a word of encouragement, act of kindness, or a gift.

10) Remember that Satan and everything in your flesh wants to prevent you from sharing the gospel with others. This is no excuse; its spiritual warfare!

11) Regardless of how others respond, every time you share the gospel God is glorified. The only way God is not glorified is when his people fail to declare the good news of what God has done through his Son, Jesus.

These are just a few ways we can be missional. What are some other ways you can think of? 

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